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Five Easy Steps to Set Up your Event Management Business

A lot of people are interested in being their own boss and choosing event management for their startup venture can prove to be one of the best decisions. Business of event management can be difficult to understand initially when you have no experience in it. So, here are a few steps that will help you […]

Things to Consider While Building an Attractive Event Portfolio

One of the most important things when you pitch a prospective client is your portfolio. Providing your potential customer with the first impression of your company is something you just can’t afford to mess up with. Sure your clients love the talking but you got to show them what ideas you have for them and […]

Three Ways to Improve Communication With Your Team Members During an Event

Communication is the key to success when we talk about events. So, if you are looking forward to a great event, no matter what happens the communication between crew members should never go loose. Connecting with the help of one single channel might be one of the best ways to avoid confusion. Everyone should know […]

Five ways to market your event right

An event will only be called successful once the audience shows up. So, once you are through with everything in the pre-production phase, ask yourself – what  next? The answer is: Promotion mix. Marketing an event is very important. Your event might be a fabulous one but without a proper marketing plan, it is nearly […]

Why is event management always an option?

Every year students graduate in the field of arts, commerce, and science but fail to understand what they want from these courses. For students who love to travel, organize and arrange meets, there is good news for you! What you love to do have some serious job potential and can help you earn a living. […]

The Backstage Life Behind Every Event

Everyone thinks that event management is full of excitement! It involves beautiful destinations, moderate work load, and only chill and on top of that, you get to meet a lot of celebrities and huge icons. Well, these facts might not be 100 percent true as event management is as difficult as any other job role. […]

Event Management or Event Planning: Know the Difference

Want someone to handle your event? If yes, then the next question should be: who do you hire – an event manager or an event planner? Clear communication is the key while dealing with any service provider and to convey the things clearly – you should know, what is it that you want in first […]

Events and the Global Pandemic 2020

No one ever imagined that the global pandemic could have power to put entire world on the hold. The virus not only affected the health of humans physically and mentally but the businesses too. Who could have imagined that a small virus was powerful enough to put big business on a halt and even finish […]

Event Management and Job Opportunities

A lot of people are interested in event management and wish to take it as a career, though they may be unaware of the job roles that would follow along the line of course. There are tons of job opportunities in the field and you should know that these are not just limited to weddings […]