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Everyone thinks that event management is full of excitement! It involves beautiful destinations, moderate work load, and only chill and on top of that, you get to meet a lot of celebrities and huge icons. Well, these facts might not be 100 percent true as event management is as difficult as any other job role. Want to know what happens behind the scenes of a successful event? Here we are with 5 things that make event management a difficult job.

  1. Team players steal the show

Planning an event and executing it in the right way asks for perfection and you have to know that there is a very thin line between perfection and over-controlling. The most important skill you learn on the job is to respect your team mates’ opinions and decisions. You need not keep doing everything on your own as per your own secret agenda . You need to trust your teammates and successfully manage the staff. Patience is the key word here. Lose your temper and things start to fall apart, so try not to cross the line.

  1. A concert or a wedding – doesn’t mean just fun

Concerts, weddings, exhibitions, auto expo, an award function might sound too much fun and excitement for you but for an event manager and their team, it is a stressful time. Connecting everything and executing just like you thought without any failure can be stressful. The job might come with perks but, it also has some drawbacks. The event team never can enjoy the event; they are always tired and tied up with making it perfect for their clients!

3.Event management means you will be in the background

So, if you are thinking that you might be in the limelight being in the event management team, you are then understanding the profession a little too wrong. Event business is all about service providing and you are one of the service providers. So, you don’t get to be in the front! Making sure that things roll out perfectly and that clients don’t feel disappointed is an important thing you have to take care of. At the same time vanishing in the background doesn’t mean people should not know who you are. After all, you as a service provider have an identity and everyone should know who to contact to create a successful and memorable event.

  1. You might find 9-5 easier than this one

As you know the planning and preparation of an event begins months before the actual date and as you see the date coming near, the pressure tends to increase. There are a lot of sleepless nights and no time to come home when you are getting ready for an event. A perfect event doesn’t just fall in your lap and to make it perfect lots and lots of hard work is required. It can never be like a 9-5 job because an event person can never go to sleep knowing that the work is  not done and an event is near to its due date.

  1. Keeping in touch with the gadgets forever

Technology taking over the entire globe has started capturing a huge space in each business category. Event management requires the use of social media to promote and spread the word out. Sometimes 24/7 presence is required on social media, fulfilling customers satisfaction by replying on time, answering every query and promoting an upcoming event, booking seats, or selling tickets on social media. There is a lot of involvement required. Using your phone and being on the job can also be an actual job! So, look closely before judging event planners who are constantly on phone!

The life of the event handling team might include some perks and a bit of fun but at the end of the day they too are service providers. Service providers are an important part of a society and add up as an important resource. At last, event management is just like any other job but a bit more stressful.