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At Montavaya Consultants we are dedicated to provide all our clients customised content solutions. We also offer a range of editorial services as well as publishing assistance to help authors with better presentation of their work and publish it. Whether it is writing fresh content for a new website or refurbishing the existing content for SEO purpose.

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Every manuscript needs editing. Editing takes rough edges off the manuscript. Do not let your hard work be ...


Manuscript ready! Want to share it with the world? But not sure, how! Team Montavaya offers guidance ...

Our Clients Speak

    MELT: My Experiments with Leadership and Teamwork
    MELT: My Experiments with Leadership and Teamwork

    Samul Verma, B.E. , M.E. IIT, Roorkee

    Driven by my desire to share my corporate world experiences and learning - and encouraged by friends and family, I was ready with my first book. Though, I knew that I couldn’t have gone wrong with the narrative (because MELT is all about my personal experiences); I did realise that the rough edges needed to be smoothened before my debut work could be published. I can say this with conviction that Monika’s efforts as a professional editor brought a tremendous change for the better in my original work. Thanks once again Monika. Will associate with you soon with my next work.

      Kit Cheung, Ph.D. (Cantab) -

      CAMathories Company is an Education Company founded by a selective group of professors and alumni from the University of Cambridge. Our goal is to teach fundamental math to young students and to help parents to teach math to their children. We found that many young students like our math stories games in India. Yet, we are new to India and have minimal knowledge about the Indian market. Monika at Montavaya Consultants has helped us tremendously to navigate our way through. She also introduces us to the contacts that match our needs. Very often, she will tell us some local cultural issues that we should watch out for. She has been a great helping hand to us when we tap into the Indian market. She is also efficient and professional. We appreciate her help very much.

        Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra
        Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra

        Dr. Jeta Singh, Director, Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra -

        Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra, Bhagalpur, Bihar is a famous Naturopathy Centre of India in since 1954. This centre has been formally inaugurated by Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Naryan and the foundation stone of this sanatorium has been laid by the first Prime Minister of India Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. Various chronic and incurable diseases are successfully treated here through only natural modalities, without any intervention of hazardous chemicals. When we decided to make our online representation to spread the message to the larger segment about the benefits of Natural Therapies given in our institute, we realised that having a bilingual (in English and Hindi) site will help our cause further. Since the original website content was in Hindi we needed to hire a translator who would not translate the words for their literal meaning but would also catch the essence of the message. We are grateful to Mrs. Monika Gupta of Montavaya Consultants for doing the marvellous work, the translation, exactly the way it was needed. The marvellous work of Mrs. Monika Gupta can be seen at

          Sharat Sharma, Amit Kumar jha, Sankalp Devendra
          Sharat Sharma, Amit Kumar jha, Sankalp Devendra

          Sharat Sharma, Amit Kumar jha, Sankalp Devendra Tapovardhan Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra

          We are thankful to Montavaya Consultancy for their editing services. Their editing inputs helped us to refine the text and ensured that our book conformed to the style guidelines specified by our publisher.