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Communication is the key to success when we talk about events. So, if you are looking forward to a great event, no matter what happens the communication between crew members should never go loose. Connecting with the help of one single channel might be one of the best ways to avoid confusion. Everyone should know their tasks and abide by them no matter what! The moment a crew member loosens the thread, an entire segment or even the whole event can collapse. With communication being the most important aspect of an event, let us know how can we improve it.

  1. Always make way for two-way communication

Two-way communication comes when both the parties listen to each other and discuss to reach a proper solution to the problem. When an event is round the corner, taking and giving suggestions should be considered as a polite gesture. The team members should work in harmony and try to perceive what the other person wants to speak or suggest. Just imagine, you keep your point and the person in front of you doesn’t let you finish. In that case, there are chances of mishappenings and misunderstandings that will lead to malfunction during the event. You or your team do not want to bear any kind of loss like this.

  1. One single platform is enough to communicate with the whole team

Making numerous groups on WhatsApp or communicating via phone calls can be confusing. Try to always maintain communication through one channel only,  that will help you stay well-coordinated and connected. Communicating through walkie-talkies or using tools for enhanced communication tools, such as Blertercan be some of the good options. Communication tools not only help you stay coordinated but also help you analyze the tasks post-event. Making sure that everyone is using the same communication mode as the entire team is another challenge. Try convincing your team members and get on the same page for better results.

  1. Everyone should know their role before the event

One thing that is very important to maintain proper communication is that everyone should be well aware of the tasks assigned to them. This will happen when you set up a pre-event meeting and make sure everyone is on the same page. Discuss important points and make sure to ask everyone if they know their role for the main day. It might seem like everyone knows what to do because you have already discussed it but, the manager should make sure to recall everyone’s role during the event to avoid any confusion.

Maintaining well-coordinated communication also depends on the crew members present at the event. Staff members should always be well-coordinated no matter how you feel about the other employee personally! Things should always be professional and everyone should stay attentive during the event to make sure nothing goes wrong. No matter what grudge you hold with the other, you have to forget everything while you are working together.