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A lot of people are interested in event management and wish to take it as a career, though they may be unaware of the job roles that would follow along the line of course. There are tons of job opportunities in the field and you should know that these are not just limited to weddings and grand events like the Oscars. People may require event managers and teams for  smaller event conducted at home, maybe even for a funeral on a larger scale and an event manager cannot handle everything alone! Here are a few job roles that will fall under the scope of event management.

  1. Social Media Coordinator

As digital presence is something you can’t miss these days, the event industry requires a job profile like social media coordinator. Social media is utilized by everyone; not only for entertainment purposes but also for business purposes. Event companies employ the power of social media to inform, entertain, persuade and make their audience aware about an upcoming event. Promotion of the event through social media is one of the biggest benefits for to event management industry. It spreads the word faster and better and as a social media coordinator, you can be handling it for your company!

  1. Event Videographer

If you love capturing beautiful moments and celebrate someone’s happiness with the help of video clippings, then this job role is for you! You will only be interested in a position like this when you know how to handle cameras and have some experience in filming and photography. Having a portfolio will help you showcase your good work to the prospective clients. Event companies often like to hire a permanent employee in the position of event photographer to film their big events or events that are crucial for them and their clients. So, if you think you are creative enough, the job opportunity awaits you.

  1. Customer Experience Manager

Knowing how your customer feels about your services is one of the most important things any industry requires and when we talk about events, customers are the heart of the event. The main goal of any event is that your audience should have a good time and that they can associate with you with all the trust. A customer experience manager is all about handling the customers and giving them an experience they never forget. Answering emails, taking feedback from them, providing customized solutions, and one-to-one interactions, everything comes under this job role. If you think this job profile is important, big event companies are sure to welcome you. Only requirement, that you should be able to handle complaints and praises from the clients with equal ease.

  1. Manager of Event Security

Imagine having an event that involves Kylie Jenner or A.R. Rehman and no involvement of a security manager! Sounds impossible right? Huge events involving VIP persons as well as events with big crowds require proper security and a manager to keep everything in control and coordinated. The manager of event security is responsible for the safety of all the guests, employees as well as volunteers involved in the event.

  1. Sponsorship Manager

Sponsorships are very important when it comes to revenue generation; it also helps to make the event successful and big. Having a job role specially dedicated to this particular need can have a big impact on the event’s overall outcome. To persuade a sponsor to invest in your event requires excellent communication and persuasion skills. They might have other places to invest into too and you should know that you are not the only one asking those sponsors for their money. Though this career opportunity can be very exciting and rewarding, but you need to do is know your job the best!

The list of job roles doesn’t end here! There are a thousand job options excluding event management and planner in this industry and the more you explore, the better you know. If you are looking for something that suits you and your lifestyle then, try to associate it with something you love. We are sure you will not be disappointed!