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An event will only be called successful once the audience shows up. So, once you are through with everything in the pre-production phase, ask yourself – what  next? The answer is:

Promotion mix.

Marketing an event is very important. Your event might be a fabulous one but without a proper marketing plan, it is nearly impossible to let people know you exist! Here are the five most important tips that you should be aware of.

  1. Try to be easily discover-able

When you are trying to gather a large audience for your event, you wish to be more visible around for people to notice. After digitization everyone is dependent on the internet and everyone listens to what it says. There are various places on social media, such as Facebook events, or on apps such as Book My show where people often go to search for their type of events. So, why not try doing that? Simply list your event and all the event details under the right category on such pages and reach out to your target audience.

  1. Using a hashtag for stronger reach

Hashtags are one important medium to reach out to your target audience and if you want to take our advice, find the perfect hashtag and start adding it to all your event-related activities. Not only this, you can ask your audience to tag you when they post a story of the event, this will help you make your event a success. Try to start mentioning your event hashtag in everything you do pre and post your event. Make sure you also know the limit! Don’t use the hashtag too many times in a day though use it daily.

  1. Create attractive info-graphics

The new way to market your event is through info-graphics. Info-graphics attract  people with innovative visuals and short content. It also helps save people’s time and energy. Info-graphics are also very effective when it comes to sharing. You can easily find them on Google and rank them for web, social media as well as images. These images also can become visible on Pinterest and by combining all these platforms, you can reach around a million people in one day.

  1. Try to make it special right from the beginning

So, being in the event business you must have understood that people love to feel special and they tend to associate with you when you provide them with personalized experiences. Try to do that for your potential customers as well as the customers you already gathered. You can send them a personalized badge or a small goodie when they register with you or buy a ticket. You can add a QR code or HTML links behind them and give them a personalized experience of how the event is going to be.

  1. Try to influence your audience with the help of your attendees

If you don’t have the budget to hire tons of star influencers then just convert your audience into influencers for your event. This can be the best marketing technique to use as there will be people talking on behalf of you and everyone will love that. If your potential audience can relate to someone then that’s the people who are already associated with you as audiences, event attendees, employees or acquaintances . They will be influenced by seeing what efforts you are making for the audience to come to the event.

These were a few innovative marketing strategies that you can try during an event. There is one more thing that matters — content! You have to make sure that the content you created to promote your event is strong enough to hold and persuade your audience. There are a thousand ways to promote and market your event but if the content you created is not strong enough, it will not attract as many people as you might have thought. So, create something catchy and innovative first, and then try the mentioned marketing strategies to enhance your reach.