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Every year students graduate in the field of arts, commerce, and science but fail to understand what they want from these courses. For students who love to travel, organize and arrange meets, there is good news for you! What you love to do have some serious job potential and can help you earn a living. Event Management is one such course that needs managerial, organizational, creative skills and when you put everything together in the right manner, you start to earn a living out of it.

  1. You can do what you love and love what you do

One of the best parts of being in the event industry is that you can get into whichever sector you want. Have an interest in award functions and gala nights? Bang on, you can be into decorations, vendor selection, and booking, organizing the theme, arranging the props, and whatnot. Love to see dreamy weddings? Well, you can be in the wedding business, be a wedding planner, florist, venue manager, and a lot more. Whichever thing you love the most, just blend it with events and you can have a successful career in the field. There are various types of events and different companies dealing with them. All you need to know is what you love!

  1. Joining a company is not your only option

Event management is such a career opportunity that can blossom even if you are freelancing or wanting to start your own business from the scratch. All you need is some experience and voila,you are ready to go. If you don’t like working under someone then simply start freelancing or set up your own business. Before you plan to be on your own, one thing that this field asks for is experience and how creatively you can put your work together. So, the best suggestion we have is to learn and then imply everything you know. You can start with internships and then a job for some time and once you are clear about the working model and have ample resources for investment, switch to be on your own.

  1. It follows the same rules anywhere in the world!

If you just graduated and are planning to settle out of the country, then you should know event management is something that happens to be the same all around the world. There might be a   few job opportunities that are different than here in India but other than this everything remains the same. The logistics, decoration department, rules of the event and how to manage it, crisis management, planning, etc. So, if you think you have to take a step back and wait, then you are wrong. Maybe you can start creating your portfolio and building up a better resume!

  1. Avoid all the discomfort of wearing formals all the time

The best thing about event management is you need not compromise your comfort! Having a job role that can be by done sitting on the couch is something everyone wants right? Calling the vendors, booking the venue, managing the staff, things like these can be easily done without you wanting to get out of the room and changing into some serious formals.

  1. Every day will be a new day

So, if you are an adventurous person and hate those old 9-5 jobs, event management will give you a new experience every day. You will be walking around in the streets, finding the perfect flowers for your décor, and the other day, you will be inside the venue setting up those flowers. One day you can simply be at your home calling and booking caterers and vendors for your event and the other day you can be out in the streets searching for the right thing or in the office discussing the blueprint of the venue and how the event will take place.

Having a life full of surprises and seeing so many different cultures, events, themes can make your life full of excitement. You need to be ready for what’s coming to you though! One day you can be waking up at 11 AM rushing to the office and the other days you might be up till 4 AM decorating the venue and getting the results out for the showdown. So, if you are ready to experience the madness, this field is embrace for you.