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Living To The Dreams In Fests

College as a whole is an experience to cherish. It’s full of adventures and the basket is always full of new opportunities and exposures. What remains at the top of the bucket list is the annual cultural fest. The best part is that the excitement is not merely up till a particular fest, it’s strewed […]

The First College Bunks And Many Others

You know there arises a sudden desire one day when you do not feel like attending the next lecture. Perhaps you get late for the first early morning lecture and find the classroom door locked. Maybe you got stuck in the metro, getting pissed off. Or you simply do not like either the professor or […]

Initial Steps To Explore The Campus

If you visualize a year-old infant walking alone without holding the parent’s fingers, you would be able to see his freedom. The child is so happy because, for the first time, he is walking independently. The whole world is in front of him, but what matters to him the most is those independent steps. If […]

The Realities of “English Honours”

On a hot June day, I stepped into college for the first time. No doubt I was clueless about the ambience, but more perplexed about the course that I had selected. To be very honest, I did not expect ‘English Honours’ to turn out this way. It isn’t only English Honours but any course you […]

College Elections- A Face Off

Colleges are always exciting for new friends, relationships, and bonds. People usually claim that college friendships may or may not last long. But the memories that you make will be cherished all your life. It’s about how quickly you make friends and how deeply you connect. Sometimes you may discover your friend after months and […]

The First Day At College

A bucket full of aspirations with a swirl of hope, ripples of dreams, a surge of desire to feel liberated from the binding school rules… These are the sentiments of the most student on their first day of college. The excitement, however, often comes hand in hand with apprehensions. Some are overwhelmed by the new […]