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If you visualize a year-old infant walking alone without holding the parent’s fingers, you would be able to see his freedom. The child is so happy because, for the first time, he is walking independently. The whole world is in front of him, but what matters to him the most is those independent steps. If you could expand your imagination, you might be able to see a more magnificent picture. You might feel the same way when you take your initial steps exploring your college campus.
Yes, that’s true. Till now we’ve been under close supervision of the teachers and various student heads. Each and every movement was scanned and under supervision. But when you set out to explore the college campus you feel like a free bird. You should cherish every step taking you forward. When you step into the college campus, each step opens up a new world for you. The foremost place explored by most students is the college canteen. With all that ‘Bollywood’ and ‘Karan johar’ movies in our head, we generally have a great preception for college canteen. We assume it to be similar as expressed in movies. But it is not even remotely the same. It is a place of shared meals, unique break-up stories, and a resting place after tiring society practices.

While taking a stroll of the campus you might discover various groups of students practicing in different corners. These are the cultural society students who have occupied certain corners of the campus and gained a monopoly over those places. They might act as goons of the college, but trust me most of them are cool and fun to hang out with. Apart from these corners, you will also find students hanging out on lawns, sitting over short-height walls, sipping their favorite shakes. This might appear cool, but a pro tip is to always check up on your pockets before splurging on anything. You might also encounter some well-groomed and well-dressed students, but most of them have dressed up just to impress the freshers, so chill and move on. If someone comes up to you and inquires if you are a fresher and be friendly with you, beware. They might be some seniors who have just come up to you to sell off their over expensive unofficial freshers’ party coupons or trying to secure your vote for the upcoming elections. The most loved place of the college is the canteen as we talked about earlier. Get into it and have your first meal, you will remember it all your life because you might not have another meal from them in the next 3 years.

The campus is huge in area and amazing in terms of its aura and vibe. It might take some time for you to get the things in, so try not to miss out on your lectures on day one for explorations. Or just for the sake of bunking. Do not feel uncomfortable, if you are someone that you feel is well dressed. You should always carry your style proudly and just feel confident in your moves. Do not forget to look for the library because apparently, the coolest air conditioner is in the college library along with abundant books. This will save your hot summer days and your make-up. You might think of yourself as a bird who has been let out of the nest to explore the world outside and face your problems. I won’t spill all the beans here and would leave some things for you to and explore and share. If you are also a college student or even a pass out……please reach out to us through our handles and share your amazing experience. It is always great to hear from different people and know more about such exciting experiences.
Shared by Harshita Behl