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You know there arises a sudden desire one day when you do not feel like attending the next lecture. Perhaps you get late for the first early morning lecture and find the classroom door locked. Maybe you got stuck in the metro, getting pissed off. Or you simply do not like either the professor or the subject. Maybe your best friend or, even worse, your crush is absent and you do not wish to attend that boring, tiresome class by yourself. Several reasons might entice you to miss out on your lectures.

But let me warn you, that first attempt at bunking lectures is very addictive. The addiction is okay as long as you maintain the required attendance criterion. The first time you decide to bunk the lecture for the sake of a gossip session in the canteen is beautiful and scary. You may feel that you missed out on some serious discussions but in the end, you cherish that ice-cold mojito.

This very first bunking experience is so special that you remember it all over your life. I distinctly remember the first time I bunked the Indian Literature lecture with my friends. It was to taste the free Nescafe coffee that was being distributed every Friday for promotional purposes. When we did it for the first time, it tempted us to do it every second day and treat ourselves with the mouth-watering Brownie shakes and pasta. To be honest, bunking is pretty fun during winters.

Winters are cozy and special. We used to bunk lectures, run straight to the lawns or college ground, and enjoy the winter sun. Sometimes, we found the ground or lawns occupied, so we headed straight to ‘Sudama Tea stall’ and enjoyed hot cups of cardamom tea. The tea was usually accompanied by my friends’ Urdu poetry and shayaris and often with our cries and cravings as well. It was gabfest complete with outfit planning, and clicking excellent pictures of each other. We often used to treat ourselves with a yummy plate of Dolma Aunty momos in Kamla Nagar or other local vendors at Patel Chest. Tom Uncle Maggi point is also a great hanging out place during winters. Their various Maggi dishes are worth spending time and money on. One pro tip for Tom Uncle is that their mixed sauce pasta is absolutely delicious. And not to be missed.

Summers indeed call for bunks but it’s better to just bunk the lecture, not the classroom. After all, leaving the air-conditioned classroom is not really a smart choice. If you are keen on bunking, choose the library as it has the best AC and a quiet environment. Do ensure that you maintain the necessary attendance criterion as it does get troublesome later when submitting the assignments and attaining the admit cards. It would make it hard to get approvals to get the things done on time and let you sit for examinations.

The college professors are straightforward, they expect you to behave decently and independently. They won’t run after you for attendance or assignments. They won’t warn you at every step, like school. You have to be vigilant about rules and regulations. Keep an eye out for internal assessment examinations and assignment submissions. A deadline means one here on the campus. Your medical would fail as well in case of delays. So make sure your bunks don’t land you into some serious trouble. Also, please make sure you plan at least one, mass bunk in the first semester. It is really fun and would also help you forge a greater bond with your classmates.

Shared by Harshita Behl