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College as a whole is an experience to cherish. It’s full of adventures and the basket is always full of new opportunities and exposures. What remains at the top of the bucket list is the annual cultural fest. The best part is that the excitement is not merely up till a particular fest, it’s strewed all over. Every college organizes a splendid fest using the funds that the teams get allocated. The fests are a vivid picture of management, allocation, and fun.

Fests are most famous because of the celebrity performances. But it varies from college to college. The celebrity performance is full of certain game stalls, piping hot eatables, DJ, and some giant swings. The environment is chill and passes the vibe check much like Diljit Dosanjh’s song, ”Vibe Teri meri mildi aae”. You will see so many sponsored tables along with freebies for promotional purposes. It’s just another way to taste the sweetness with a diva look. The campus has many photo corners, where you can click a myriad of quirky pictures against unique backgrounds. You will hear the sweet melodies of music society and the heavy voices of theatre societies. Somewhere bhangra is visible whereas somewhere you might see western dance performances. For example, if you visit SGTB Khalsa College you will see a traditional ‘Giddha’ performance by girls. All this provides an enriching experience to the students.s

Fests are most famous because of the celebrity performances. But it varies from college to college. The celebrity performances depend upon the fund allocation. Fund allocation remains a cause of worry for the fest organizers from start to finish. No matter how much funds they are receiving, it always falls short. The cost of the fest consists of the cost of all the fees, raw materials, decoration, and whatnot. You must be wondering if the fund allocation is never sufficient, how are these lavish fests organized? To spill the tea here, the organizers step out for sponsors. They have to search for sponsors to support their fest finances. They promote their product in return for some cash or kind help. The sponsors play a major role in shaping the PR and image of the college. The higher the brand organizers crack for sponsorship, the more fun the fest becomes.

All the colleges pour their heart and soul into organizing the fests. But the fests that cannot be missed are- SRCC, SGTB Khalsa, Miranda House, JMC, Hansraj, Venkateshwar, Hindu College.
The fests are a great way to celebrate and gain exposure. Especially if you happen to be an organizer of the fest be it central, society, or departmental. Everywhere you work till evening, you handle a team, a cohort and you struggle for finance. It’s a great lesson in time management as you have to be very efficient. Handling the event, participants, and all the chores comes with the cost of major stress. One works under tight guidelines and limited resources. You need to manage everything within a given timeframe and resources. The event gets organized with a team. Team spirit, struggles, and conflicts, everything is treasured. If done well, this management adds weight to your corporate resume as well.

The fests are the best part of Delhi University, they provide exposure and precious memories that you will cherish forever. You leave each fest with a treasure trove of sweet and sour memories for the rest of your life.
Shared By Harshita Behl