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Colleges are always exciting for new friends, relationships, and bonds. People usually claim that college friendships may or may not last long. But the memories that you make will be cherished all your life. It’s about how quickly you make friends and how deeply you connect. Sometimes you may discover your friend after months and get to know their real side but sometimes you may not connect with them on the first meeting itself. It’s all about your behaviour, conduct, and the situation. You might meet lots of strangers every day on the campus, but not everyone will become your friend at least not in the initial two months.

In the initial days, you might be greeted by a bunch of seniors at the college gate. They are usually dressed in white and have a wide smile on their face. When they first greet you, you might feel like a celebrity who was greeted at the entrance, but the truth is that this group is the upcoming political party from the college. These upcoming college election candidates try to secure some votes from freshers. To spill the beans here, according to the political seniors, most of the votes that they can secure are the votes of freshers. Freshers being new to this environment are easily carried away with the polite attitude, mere help from them such as finding admin work or guidance for their lectures.
The freshers get easily fooled by these parties and sometimes bribed also. The college elections are the most fun thing to do after fests. Anyway, your choice of candidate is directly proportional to the quality of the annual college fest you will get. The time of the elections is crucial as well.
Supporting one particular candidate might get you a lot of exposure along with some free food. You can make countless new friends, new connections and will have access to the best inside gossips of your campus. Free food and shakes are the most common weapons of contesting candidates to get the votes from the freshers. They distribute free food coupons, promise a too-good-to-be-true annual college trip, some infrastructural development, and some more.

Two things these election candidates are very fond of promising are to organize an amazing annual fest with a renowned celebrity and relaxation in attendance criteria set by the college. However, the sincerity of their promises may vary from party to party.

The college elections are a serious deal for all the contesting candidates. They put their heart and soul to win and secure the seat. If you happen to visit the north campus during elections, you won’t be able to see the road. It is fully covered by election pamphlets that are spread all over. A lot of tricks and games to win the elections are utilized as well. The most dominant parties are ABVP and NSUI but some independent candidates and other parties are equally competitive.

The election results and positions are just for a handful of candidates but it has the efforts of many students. Lots of students are extremely supportive of their respective parties and support them every way they can. They go to the classrooms, advertise, and appeal for votes for their parties. They put in a lot of effort for their parties to win and secure the seat. They gather in the common hanging out places of campus shout slogans, manifesto, works, and accomplishments of the candidates aloud to secure the votes from students.

The whole experience is extremely fun to be a part of. A fresher must enjoy every bit of it and should necessarily go and cast their vote on the day of elections. This whole thing goes on for actually a month or two and is worth experiencing and enjoying. Even if you find yourself a bit out of your comfort zone, just do it for the sake of free food.

Shared by Harshita Behl