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Events and the Global Pandemic 2020

No one ever imagined that the global pandemic could have power to put entire world on the hold. The virus not only affected the health of humans physically and mentally but the businesses too. Who could have imagined that a small virus was powerful enough to put big business on a halt and even finish […]

Event Management and Job Opportunities

A lot of people are interested in event management and wish to take it as a career, though they may be unaware of the job roles that would follow along the line of course. There are tons of job opportunities in the field and you should know that these are not just limited to weddings […]

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

If you are tired of always ending up at the mall with your friends, this is the page for you. With this series, we try to bring notice to some of the unexplored places that could turn out to be great ideas for a fun day-out. It’ll be an add-on if you are a history […]

Malti Madhav- Part 2

Montavaya · Malti Madhav part 2 The path of love was not easy for our star crossed lovers. The evil tantric Kapalkundala and her Guru Aghoraghanta abducted Malti to offer her up to the goddess Chamunda. As the duo prepared for the sacrifice, they asked Malti to say her last prayers and think of the […]

Malti Madhav- Part 1

Love, they say, is eternal and so are the love stories. A regular boy meets girl instance has been told and retold in several mesmerising ways and every time the saga is fresh and captivating.

Funny Boy

Montavaya · Funny boy Funny boy by Shyam Selvadurai is a recollection of childhood stories of a young boy named Arjun aka Arjie. Arije is trying to discover his sexuality while Srilanka of the 1980s blazes in the civil war.  Funny boy consist six stories, each highlighting enriching themes such as marriage, nationalism and queerness. […]

Improve Your Online Visibility through Internet Marketing

Improving online visibility of a company is the outcome of every well designed internet marketing strategy. Better visibility of your site on the internet also improves brand credibility of your company. Unlike traditional marketing activities internet marketing gives you the advantage of reaching a prospective customer who may be actually searching the product you offer. […]

Content Marketing to Enhance Your Online Presence

Content marketing has always been an indispensable part of all digital marketing strategies. An articulately done blog or an infographic creates an immediate connect with your prospective customers. Creating an engaging and relevant content is closely followed by sensible distribution of content across the web. Your reader is presented with multitude of choices. To drive […]