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The Realities of “English Honours”

On a hot June day, I stepped into college for the first time. No doubt I was clueless about the ambience, but more perplexed about the course that I had selected. To be very honest, I did not expect ‘English Honours’ to turn out this way. It isn’t only English Honours but any course you […]

College Elections- A Face Off

Colleges are always exciting for new friends, relationships, and bonds. People usually claim that college friendships may or may not last long. But the memories that you make will be cherished all your life. It’s about how quickly you make friends and how deeply you connect. Sometimes you may discover your friend after months and […]

The First Day At College

A bucket full of aspirations with a swirl of hope, ripples of dreams, a surge of desire to feel liberated from the binding school rules… These are the sentiments of the most student on their first day of college. The excitement, however, often comes hand in hand with apprehensions. Some are overwhelmed by the new […]

A perfect day for banana fish (part 2)

Montavaya · A perfect day for banana fish part 2 In part one we read about Muriel and her mother’s conversation in the hotel room. But what was her husband Seymour up to? Read further to find out. A young girl Sybil Carpenter, her mother and her mother’s friend are enjoying a day at the […]

A perfect day for banana fish (part 1)

Montavaya · A perfect day for banana fish part 1 Today’s story opens in a Florida hotel where a young woman, Muriel Glass, is waiting for the operator to connect her call to her mother. Because of an ongoing convention at the hotel her call has been delayed. While she waits, she reads magazines and […]

Vekatesh (part 2)

Montavaya · Venkatesh part 2 The Patils plan a visit to a sacred place near Hubli and ask Venkatesh to accompany them. There, an elderly woman addresses him as Shankar again but by this time Venkatesh is quite accustomed to this. Venkatesh explains the situation to the woman and enquires about Shankar Master. The woman […]

Wilson Bridge

Montavaya · Wilson bridge A wooden bridge presides over the river Bhagirathi. It is called Wilson Bridge, named after a British timber merchant. According to an urban legend of the place, Wilson’s ghost is often seen riding a horse and hooves of the horse are still heard to this day. The narrator of the story […]

Venkatesh (part 1)

Montavaya · Venkatesh part 1 The next story in our series, Stories of our Land, is titled Venkatesh. The story is woven around a passive protagonist Venkatesh, who is living an uneventful and restrained life with his overbearing wife Shanta.  One day Venkatesh discovers that he has a half-brother who had been wronged by the […]

The woman on the platform no. 8

Montavaya · Woman on platform no. 8 montavaya · The Woman on Platform no. 8 The woman on the platform no. 8 is the story of a young boy Arun who finds motherly love at the most unlikeliest of places- a  railroad platform. Twelve-year-old Arun is travelling all alone and waiting for his train, which […]

Sunder Nursery

We love big cities and the lifestyle that they promise us, but there are times when one gets consumed by their occasional commotions. So we ache for that one escape just to sit back and unwind, and if it’s amidst nature, there’s nothing better. This week we bring to you a location that checks all […]