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Think of the time when we had to submit your essays or stories after the creative writing class in school. Sure many of us  never paid much attention and focused only upon submitting the assignment. Now, think about creative writing as a career opportunity. You know you got to perform your best because you are getting money out of it, right? Here are a few tips that will help you be a fantastic creative writer.

  1. Reading is an important part of the procedure

If you are that passionate about writing, reading has to be part of the procedure. You must be great at writing poems and scripts but will you be writing with the same set of words every time? Don’t you think expanding your horizons will give you a better chance to express yourself? To be a successful writer, you need to include reading in your schedule. This will not only expand your vocabulary but also help you gain knowledge on various subjects. It will also give you an idea on how to write flawlessly!

  1. Research until you have enough content

Reading is one thing but, you need not do the research too. While describing a character or a location a touch of authenticity will make your story instantly believable. And this finesse will come only if you have researched about the subject you are writing about, Doing so will give you more ideas and help you write your own story without failing the audience.

  1. Try planning regular routine

Maintaining discipline with your work is a very important step .Preplan your day to avoid wasting time and sticking to what your goal is. Make a schedule and take time out for all other important things along with writing during the day. Living a balanced life also helps you stay free and calm. We know that writing is a lonely practice and you can only write when yoy feel like. Though don not keep waiting for the inspiration to strike. Never stop practicing so, plan a daily routine and work for it every day.

  1. Practice can make a man perfect

No matter what you do, success will only come to those who will work for it. You might think you are an excellent writer but, if you stop practicing you will rust. Staings out of practice for long, they will make the come back more and  more problematic with each passing day. You might have to begin again! So never stop learning and practicing what you love!

  1. Know who your audience is

Before you begin to research and write, always make sure to ask yourself this question “who is the audience I am writing for? ”. This answer will make a lot of things clear when you actually sit to research and write. You are writing for your audience and if they won’t relate to your story, your show will be a flop! So, always make sure you know who you are writing for before you take the pen in your hand.

  1. Try to open your creative pores with positivity

If you need the motivation to open your creativity pores, you need to breathe and live in an environment that soothes you. Finding out solutions like intoxicating your body is definitely no way to do the real thing! There must be a cluster of writers that were famous to have written some masterpieces while being drunk or high but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. They must have faced their own consequences and there are always other ways to motivate yourself to deliver the best.

  1. Give way to freestyle writing

Freestyle writing has no borders, no limitations, and no structure attached to it. It hits differently when you try to write with all your mind and soul, without the interruption of an editorial department or notes. Allow your brilliant mind to think of various scenarios and get deep down into your soul to let out the best inside you. It might be a big possibility to give out an awful output at first but, with practice, you have the potential to break the records and become the best of the best with the fine words from your soul.