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Everyone is talking about content marketing and how important it is for your businesses. If this technique is new for you and you are looking for some information insiders to walk you through, here are a few pros and cons to help you decide about your content marketing strategy. .


  1. Helps you stay longer in the game

Good quality content can help your business get better reach. People on the internet look for information that is new and interesting and if you stay consistent with posting quality content then sure you will stay longer in the game. You must be aware of the fact that if you wish to rank your website at the top of the search engines, you need good quality content. Similarly if you want to attract customers to your business through Instagram, Facebook or social media platforms be consistent and with your posts and quality of your posts.

  1. Easy on the budget, better with results

Spending a few bucks on content marketing will save you from other expensive ways of reaching your customers. We know that organic ways may take time but they let you longs last in the game. Content marketing is one such technique that is an essential part of marketing, we are sure when you see getting results from here, you won’t require multiple tactic strategies.

  1. Helps build brands trust

You will never get to strike a face to face conversation with the audience on the internet, n that case, how will you build trust and make your brand a reliable one? Content! Content has the power to turn the tables over and you can get the benefit of it. All you have to take care of is, no over-promising. Try to build content near to your USP and make sure you don’t over exaggerate. People should not be expecting what you cannot deliver from because that will lead to disappointments.

  1. Acts as a support to other marketing techniques

Content is required everywhere online. People see your content and decide whether they want to associate with you or not. Every marketing strategy be it social media, websites or guests commenting etc., need content to be uploaded to attract the customers. Content marketing is not only about blogs and articles but also includes videos and images too. You can use content marketing on social media latforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest etc.


  1. Takes time with the results

If you think content marketing is a magic bullet that you shoot it on your marketing plan and boom you get the results, you are wrong. Content takes time to get ranked and reach your potential customers. There are algorithams in palce to help the content rank on the front page of search engines or be visible to your target audience on various social media platforms. So, if you are looking forward to using content marketing in your marketing strategy patience is the key.

  1. It is complicated with a lot of hard work involved

Content marketing means curating innovative and original content for your business. If you are into content marketing you must know that it will be time-consuming. You know you can’t copy-paste, you know you can’t cheat from other ideas and the only option left is to draft each and every content piece on your own. It might be a little easy to write blogs and articles but, when it comes to videos and images it may require expert help..

  1. Not so easy managing

Managing people and keeping them motivated to churn fresh content every day is kind of hard. You need to make sure that your team is always working for the good and does not cheat on you with copied content. Keeping a record of thousands of content pages is also not an easy task, though digitisation has made things easier.

  1. Might get expensive in certain areas

Content marketing is a great investment but when you start investing you get to know it’s taking a lot of finances. You can surely go for it if you have the budget to do so but, what about the marketers who can’t afford the strategy? Website content writing might come a little cheaper but when it comes to videos, Gifs it can cost you tons. Though, there are numerous free apps to help you for this too, but it can again cost you in terms of time investment.