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A lot of businesses decide upon getting “write ups” done but do not know what they are looking at; content writing or creative writing. Well, you should know that both have a huge difference not only in the writing style but also the platforms they are used onto. To make things clear, let us have a detailed discussion on what is the difference between content writing and creative writing.

What is content writing?

Content writing is used for a purpose, it is a form of writing that involves informative content or content that helps reach the audience easily. Usually, content writing is performed for marketing purposes and follows a set of rules and regulations that lead to the fulfillment of a goal. The content written here is always framed in an easy to understand way for the readers. The basic role of a content writer is to inform the readers and help them find answers for problems they are looking over the internet.

Blog writing, articles, product descriptions, advertisement copy, social media content, all these fall under the category of content writing. Something common about these forms of writing is that they are all used for marketing purposes. The content drafted by a writer is published on websites, blogging pages, e-books etc. A content writer may also write content for images and videos that are going to be used for marketing purposes like infographics and Youtube content.

What is creative writing?

You already might have guessed what creative writing means by the name, let us know in detail.  Creative writing particularly is a form of writing without any rules and regulations. It usually involves imagination and creativity to create a masterpiece. This form of writing is considered an art because it does not adheres to the parameter of professional writing used for marketing purposes. With no boundaries to write, your imagination can take as many twists and turns to create an amazing piece.

Non-fictional writings like novels, movie and gaming scripts, poetry are considered as a part of creative writing. These pieces are only read for leisure and entertainment. It will never be used for marketing purposes but, the content that is written can be marketed and monetized for other people to read or watch.

Difference between the two

Now that we have got a gist of both the forms and are clear about the meaning. Let us know a few key points that clearly state a difference between the two.

Style of writing

Creative writing can be very ornate and use a lot of adjectives to describe each nuance of human emotions. People love to read novels when they wish to submerge themselves in the world of fiction. Whereas, content writing uses easy to understand language and avoids the use of local slangs, jargons. Content writing involves a particular style of writing that engages the reader and helps to market the product or service easily.


When it comes to creative writing, the purpose of writing is entertainment or in more stricter sense creative writing pieces are writer’s personal thoughts and takes on life situations,  imagined or real. Pieces of creative writing are not used as a vehicle to market or sellproducts or services. Whereas content writing has only one purpose and that is promote selling. It is written to attract the audience towards the business and help with the reach.

Tone used

Creative writers have a lot of freedom when it comes to the tone of writing, they can write however they want and convey their word in their unique way whereas content writers requires to follow the tone set by the company. They need to follow the rules and regulations set by the company or it can hamper their marketing strategy.

Platforms involved

You can see creative writing being used in some of the blogs, magazines, e-books, novels, scripts, memoirs, newspapers, journals etc, whereas content writing can be seen on digital advertisements, websites content, product descriptions, shopping sites, website articles and blogs etc.