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Vekatesh (part 2)

Montavaya · Venkatesh part 2 The Patils plan a visit to a sacred place near Hubli and ask Venkatesh to accompany them. There, an elderly woman addresses him as Shankar again but by this time Venkatesh is quite accustomed to this. Venkatesh explains the situation to the woman and enquires about Shankar Master. The woman […]

Wilson Bridge

Montavaya · Wilson bridge A wooden bridge presides over the river Bhagirathi. It is called Wilson Bridge, named after a British timber merchant. According to an urban legend of the place, Wilson’s ghost is often seen riding a horse and hooves of the horse are still heard to this day. The narrator of the story […]

Venkatesh (part 1)

Montavaya · Venkatesh part 1 The next story in our series, Stories of our Land, is titled Venkatesh. The story is woven around a passive protagonist Venkatesh, who is living an uneventful and restrained life with his overbearing wife Shanta.  One day Venkatesh discovers that he has a half-brother who had been wronged by the […]

The woman on the platform no. 8

Montavaya · Woman on platform no. 8 montavaya · The Woman on Platform no. 8 The woman on the platform no. 8 is the story of a young boy Arun who finds motherly love at the most unlikeliest of places- a  railroad platform. Twelve-year-old Arun is travelling all alone and waiting for his train, which […]

Malti Madhav- Part 2

Montavaya · Malti Madhav part 2 The path of love was not easy for our star crossed lovers. The evil tantric Kapalkundala and her Guru Aghoraghanta abducted Malti to offer her up to the goddess Chamunda. As the duo prepared for the sacrifice, they asked Malti to say her last prayers and think of the […]

Malti Madhav- Part 1

Love, they say, is eternal and so are the love stories. A regular boy meets girl instance has been told and retold in several mesmerising ways and every time the saga is fresh and captivating.

Funny Boy

Montavaya · Funny boy Funny boy by Shyam Selvadurai is a recollection of childhood stories of a young boy named Arjun aka Arjie. Arije is trying to discover his sexuality while Srilanka of the 1980s blazes in the civil war.  Funny boy consist six stories, each highlighting enriching themes such as marriage, nationalism and queerness. […]