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Looking for a unique career opportunity? Do you have fluency in written English or any other language? Then why don’t you try content writing! Content writing is one such career opportunity that doesn’t ask for a formal degree. You just need to know the job but, if you have an educational background related to English or the language you want to write in, then it’s always a plus point for you! Interested in knowing further? Let’s have a look at what we have got for you.

Scope of content writing

When we talk about the scope of content writing as a career, a lot of people don’t know that it can help you earn beyond your thinking. Content writing is a part of marketing which is important for every business these days, there are many categories of content that are different from blog writing. So, here we are with a list of content writing opportunities.

  1. Writing for social media

You must be having an idea that each and every company and individual posts content on social media daily. Everyone posts to increase their traffic on the website and to do that they need engaging content. Who is providing them with content to post? Well, you can be the one! Writing for social media includes infographic content, blog posts, caption writing are some of the important things that are required from a content writer now and then.

  1. Copy writing

Copy writing is all about writing catchy and crisp content for your client. This catchy and crisp content can be used as a tagline or two-liners that are posted to gain the attention of the audience. Copywriters are required to write content that is contemporary and to which people could relate. This helps in increasing traffic on websites. Sometimes writing might look easy though when you sit down and try to do it on your own, you realize it’s better to hand it over to a professional!

  1. Academic writing

Academic writers have always been in demand. If you are well read and have a master’s degree to boost then academic writing is made for you. This type of writing involves doing academic essays, write-ups, scholarly articles, thesis etc. that are used by students as a part of their university assignments. Though you should know about various referencing styles  and quality of writing should be good. So, if you think you have the capacity and the knowledge to write for MBA, Ph.D. students then his career is for you.

  1. Blog writing

This is one of the most famous branches of content writing. Blog writing is what most people think what content writing is all about. There are numerous blogs posted online already and every day the count is increasing. Blog writing is one of the fastest-growing careers in today’s time and it is expected to be in demand in the future as well. There is one rule that works here is that the better the quality, the more you get paid.

  1. SEO writing

SEO writing is one of the reasons why businesses are getting boosted day by day. SEO is mainly boosted by keywords and quality content. People visit your website only if they find the content attractive and informative. So, if you are one of the writers that can research well, this field is for you. Your content should be error-free and not copied from anywhere. The main thing that matters in an SEO article is the keyword.

With all these options available in the field of writing it is up to to you to join hands with the corporate world and sell your content with another title on it or try freelancing or business of your own! Well, these days freelancing is quite popular with people as you are your own boss and adjust everything according to your day. So, if you think you are not appropriate for a 9-5 job then freelancing or business is one of the best options for you.